Lee Industries Cushion Packages

Lee Industries offers 9 different cushion package options for their products. Many of their packages contain recycled and biodegradable products.  Lee was one of the first leaders in  green design in the furniture industry. Lee estimates that by using the standard natural Lee cushion, every Lee customer using soy based foam, will save approximately 8,000 gallons of crude oil and eliminate approximately 54,000 lbs of carbon dioxide per year. Different cushion packages range in firmness so the customer can choose just the right one for themselves. Cushions are guaranteed for 7 years.

Click links below to see detailed descriptions of all of Lee’s cushion packages.

Seat Cushions Oct 2014    Back Cushions April 2014

The 3 cushion packages that John Brooks sells most often are the ones below:

Natural Lee is Lee’s  standard cushion package which sits firm. It has a flexible polyurethane foam core wrapped in  regenerated fibers and sewn into  100% cotton down proof ticking.

Cloud 9 sits soft but has a spring core so little fluffing is needed. It consists of a coil spring core surrounded by a poly wrap with a blend of regenerated fiber and down and feather. This  also has a 100% cotton down proof ticking wrap.

Haven package sit’s the softest out of all three. It does  require occasional fluffing . Haven package is a  soft poly core wrapped in premium down and feathers with down proof ticking.

The staff at John Brooks can help direct you and your customer to the best selection for the Lee frame you choose.


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